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Let’s skip pass the expected “Where have you been?!” conversation and dive right into the topic of discussion today, shall we? If you must know, I have been toying with the idea of going blonde. I have always, always played it safe when it comes to my hair. The biggest hair milestone I hit was to cut my super long hair to a bob in 2013. Oh, and a terrible choice of copper hue right after high school because I finally had the chance to colour my hair. I hated the colour on me, to say the least. Eventually, I went back to my original hair colour and have never thought of changing that until a few weeks ago.

It must have been my way of procrastinating in the midst of my final exams when I stumbled upon a photo of a blonde asian girl on the internet when I began researching going blonde. I have watched enough YouTube videos, read enough experiences, and spoken to enough hair stylists to know what to expect of the experience. I might be less obsessed with the idea now – just ’cause the maintenance of it sounds a bit much for me – but I still love the look of bright blonde hair on Asian skin tones.

Let me know of your experiences with bleaching hair! I’d love to know!

Whether or not I bite the bullet, we will see. BRB as I count my pretty pennies.