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Self-acceptance // I am Enough

Sydney Fashion Bloggers

One of my constant struggles as a content-creator is deciding what I should or should not put on the blog. Even lifestyle bloggers who share a massive chunk of their lives with the public would usually choose to keep some parts private. So, I did question if I really wanted to talk about my struggles …

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Christmas in Sydney

Sydney Fashion Blogger

It is exactly 8:43pm in Sydney, Australia, on Christmas Eve. All my life, my Christmas Eve routine comprises of family dinners followed be candlelight service at my home church, and possibly unwrapping of presents. To put in short, Christmas time equals family time. This year, I am celebrating Christmas differently for obvious reasons – I …


Black, White, & My City

Sydney Fashion Blogger

    I have been living in cities all my life. Kuala Lumpur may be more conservative as compared to Sydney, but, they are similar in many ways. The fashion in both cities are strong whilst still in the stage of development. There is a large majority of inhabitants in these cities who do not …


Let’s Talk (Makeup) Bases

Sydney Fashion Beauty Blogger

My daily makeup routine is not extensive at all (I will touch on this more in a future post) but just as with anything, foundation is key. On days when I can get away with it, I would just dab concealer on areas I have redness and some under my eyes. I don’t have bad …


Chasing Happiness


I haven’t been feeling 100% over the past few weeks. But, that is completely fine. In fact, I am thankful for the lows; for without them I would not experience the highs fully. In the midst of personally being low-spirited, I also heard of other people’s similar experiences, which comforted me because I didn’t feel …